Friday, 18 March 2016

Cosmic Pencil

A writing instrument to dwarf them all: Mercury. The planet's surface is actually graphite and what's more Mercury was once encrusted in it. Yes, the planet was covered in graphite 1 kilometre thick. If only the universe around Mercury was paper, the planet would have written its way all around the sun. 

Monday, 7 March 2016

Poison Pen (or pen spotting in The Wolverine)

Poisonously sleek and deliciously dangerous Viper in The Wolverine (2013) movie reaches amongst the expensive set of ink wells and pen holders and picks up a fountain pen. She holds it upright and considers it as she confronts Shingen Yashida. Then her serpentine tongue licks its tip infusing it with venom. In a flash she stabs Yashida in the neck. The choice of weapon is not random. Marvel supervillain Yashida is an expert swordsman. Attacking him with a pen will only fatally poison him but prove the old "pen is mightier than the sword" adage true. Is this a Sailor pen she's holding?


Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Writing Time

We write history to combat death, oblivion and meaninglessness. We "put" events or our thoughts of events  "down in writing" to create order, to pin down, to capture what flees and takes with it parts of our mortal bodies. Our time is limited and running out and we want to make sense of it; to create a collection of written-down moments, texts which capture the essence of what was so that we can make sense of what is. We are in flux. "Writing down" thoughts, novels, journals, texts inscribes them on time. These inscriptions install order to our universe and are at same time our memorials. We insist that scripta manent - "written words remain" because how can we accept  a world we are not in?
Like Hugo's automaton we are vessels of records; like Kango Suzuki, creator of the 400-piece clock, we are "writing down" time.