Monday, 29 August 2016

The Pen and History by Hillary Mantel

Who leaves a mark on paper? Who decides what's written down as history? Is there a Truth beyond what is taken to be the truth?
"For hundreds of years the monks have held the pen, and what they have written is what we take to be our history, but I do not believe it really is. I believe they have suppressed the history they don't like, and written one that is favourable to Rome."

Thomas Cromwell to Henry VIII in Hilary Mantel's, Wolf Hall, London: Fourth Estate 2010, p. 219.


  1. Is there a truth in what is written in our newspapers today? It's up to every reader to sift through the various truths in order to sketch some outline of what seems to be history...

  2. In the end there are as many truths as the readers.