Pens Pencils Inks in literature

Carter, Angela
Marking Deaths (Nights at the Circus)

Chekhov, Anton 
The Red Pencil: Anton Chekhov and Censorship
Sticky Letters

Dickens, Charles:
Black ink, blue ink
Ink, glorious ink: Charles Dickens at work with quills

Writing Implements. Rabbit's Foot. And a China Monkey.

Dickens' Old Curiosity Shop: A Lesson in Ink

Dirty Ink by Dickens

Pen, Paper, and Office Supplies: A Charles Dickens collection

Bleak House Ink and Quill Spotting

Gogol, Nikolai
The Pen of Akaky

Hammer Armand
Armand Hammer, Arm and Hammer: Unlikely Coalitions

Heaney, Seamus
Penwork that Cramps my Hand
The Pen of Seamus Heaney

Hemingway, Ernest
Writing Implements. Rabbit's Foot.
A Moveable Feast: Pencils and Sharpeners
Writing in Pencil

Hesse, Herman
The Pen of Herman Hesse

Hugo, Victor
The Hunchback of Notre Dame, or What Came out of a Bottle of Ink
Pencil Leads in Paris Barricades: Victor Hugo's Pencil
My Inkstand is my Palette

Ishiguro, Kazuo
The pencil case from Never Let Me Go

James, Henry
Sympathetic Ink
The Turn of the Screw, the Turn of the Pen
The Steel Pen the most odious thing in nature

Jefferson, Thomas
The Pen and the Polygraph
Portable Writing Desk

Joyce, James
Lifting the Lid

Kafka, Franz
Franz Kafka's Pencil in a Dream

Kipling, Rudyard
His Penholders, his Waverley
Ink and Writing
His Stationery and Gadgets

Lawrence D.H. 
Pen and Intercourse
Lady Chatterley's Lover and the Blue Pencil

Lautrec, Toulouse
Dog Drawing in Pencil

Levi, Primo
Underlying the word was a very serious offence

Liszt, Franz
Franz Liszt's Inkstands: From Aladdin's Cave to Madonna del Rosario
Franz Liszt, Anton Rubinstein and Sweet Caroline: Nibs, Ink, Pens and Pencils

Mann, Thomas
The Pen of Thomas Mann
A Close Encounter

Mantel, Hillary
The Pen and History by Hillary Mantel

Mallarmé, Stéphane
His Inkwell, or Why Write

Marat, Jean Paul
The death of Marat with quill in hand

Mayakovsky, Vladimir
How verses are made

McEwan, Ian
The virtuous sharpened pencils

Mill, John Stuart
How to live by the pen

Morrison, Toni
Invisible ink

Munro, Alice
Ink close to his heart

Murakami, Haruki
Haruki Murakami Montblanc and Pencils
The pencils of Oshima

Nabokov, Vladimir
Vladimir Nabokov Pencils and the Joy of the Eye
The Transparent Pencil
What's on a writer's table: Nabokov and his penholder
A Faber Pencil: Speak Memory
Nabokov writing in pencil
Ticonderoga Ticonderoga

Nietzsche, Friedrich
To Write Well
Alizarine Ink
Ink for Thought
Here I am

Orwell, George
To mark the paper was a decisive act

Pepys, Samuel

Pens, Pencil and Manuscript

Poe, Edgar Allan: 
Very Black Ink, Very Big Pen, Very Blunt Nib
Ink and Blood, Fishbones and Toothpicks

Plath, Sylvia
Her Shaeffer Pen

Proust, Marcel
How to Write like Proust
Writing in Search of Lost Time: Proust's Notebooks and Paperoles
The Virgin and the Inkpot

Remarque, Erich Maria
Pencil on the Western Front
The Waiting pen

Rousseau, Jean-Jacques
Retreat- No pen required

Rushdie, Salman
Pencil as Phallus (Midnight's Children)

Sand, George
Writing Implements as Talismans: George Sand and her Cricket
How to Improve your Handwriting: Talk to Monsieur Loubens

Sartre, Jean-Paul
The Pen and the Hand

Sei Shonagon, Pillow Book
Irritating Things About Ink
A Dusty Looking Inkstone

Shields, Carol: Letter Writing with a Dark Red Waterman

Schopenhauer, Arthur
Schopenhauer's pen

Steinbeck, John
Pencils and Sharpeners
Perfect Pencil: John Steinbeck, Blackwing Pencils and the Mongol 480

Stocker, Bram
Writing instruments in Bram Stoker's Dracula

Tart, Donna
Montblancs in the Secret History

Thoreau, Henry
Thoreau and the American Pencil

Thackeray, William
Fading Ink
A cue at billiards and a pencil

Tolstoy, Leo
The world of ink and paper of Alexei Karenin
Whatever happened to Sofia Tolstoy's Pens?
Leo Tolstoy and Thomas Edison: Mark Making between East and West

Twain, Mark
Mark Twain and his Conklin Fountain Pen

Waters, Sarah
To write one's name by Sarah Waters

Wharton, Edith
The Stylographic Pen from the Age of Innocence

Woolf, Virginia
The pencil of Virginia Wolf
The mind and the fountain pen
Hugh's fountain pen
The inkpot of Virginia Woolf

Zamyatin, Yevgeny
Ink in Dystopia

Zola, Emile
Ink Kisses

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