Pen Reviews

Noodler's Ahab fountain pen 

I write this with inky hands. All was well ‘till I've decided to fiddle with the feed. Let me start from the beginning: Noodler’s Ahab.

In praise of Pilot Pluminix

A design tribute to the plume or dip pen, the PILOT Pluminix is as cheap as they come. You take it apart and it looks like flimsy pieces of nothing. 12.5 cm posted, a mere 12cm unposted. And yet and yet the Pluminix is a small wonder.

TWSBI Diamond 540 fountain pen 

Following the arrival of said pen, pernickety Palimpsest was too quick to comment unfavourably on the Diamond’s presentation box (too much, too plastic), on the Diamond’s body (too many diamond-shaped edges), on its cap (a screw-on, how annoying) and on its fine nib (too fine).

Platinum Plaisir fountain pen 

As far as appearances go, the Platinum Plaisir does not disappoint. Palimpsest does like a polished, glossy body with rounded ends in a fountain pen, and is partial to snap-on caps. Tick on both counts: the Plaisir is very polished and has a luxurious feel to it, while the cap snaps on and off with a satisfying sound.

Kaweco Classic Sport fountain pen 

The Kaweco Classic Sport fountain pen is a pocket fountain pen produced by the renowned German pen manufacturer whose history goes back to 1833. It is obviously aimed to budget-minded fountain pen enthusiasts who want an economy pen with a famous name.

Waterman Ideal 1909 pen rescued

Great excitement reigned at Palimpsest’s upon the discovery of a fountain pen lying in a state of neglect in an old box of calligraphy supplies.

Montblanc Turbo ballpoint review 

Its brushed chrome sleek body accentuated by the black sphere adorning the cap clip, and its  embossed resin grip allow the Montblanc that was produced in the 1970s to face the 21st century with pride.

Platignum 1930s fountain pen review

There must have been a day in history when pen companies decided to phase out flexible nibs. What induced them to dispense with this marvel of writing technology I cannot begin to fathom but a sad day that was, dear Readers, in fountain pen chronicles when the flexible nib was no more.

Mont Blanc Meisterst├╝ck Classique Platinum fountain pen

Had it not been for the Montblanc emblem at the top of the cap (and the price tag), the inexperienced user might have been excused to think that this is just another fountain pen.

Mont Blanc Starwalker fountain pen review

The mild antipathy I was seized by during my brief encounter with a Montblanc Starwalker fountain pen was not born out of the facts.

Summit Cadet S100 fountain pen

I left the London Writing Equipment Show last week, dear Readers, with a Cadet in my pocket. Yes, Palimpsest is now the proud owner of a Summit S100.

Parker 5th, a brief encounter

Is it a fountain pen, is it a rollerball, is it a felt tip? Parker 5th is so named, says Parker, because “it offers a genuine fifth way of writing”, the innovation consisting “of a cutting-edge refill tip and an engraved metallic hood.”


  1. I have just found a Waterman Ideal with the same markings except it has #72 on the barrel end and Oct 9, 1906. Everything else is the same. Is this significant

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