Stationery Store Series

Fabriano Boutique (London, UK)

Endowed with high quality paper and swathed in top-grade leather, Fabriano stationery wouldn't look out of place in a collection of primly trimmed Italian couture accessories. Read more

Boesner of Dusseldorf (Germany)

If you are used to shop for stationery and writing supplies in tiny crammed shops or intimate boutiques, prepare to be awed. Boesner of Dusseldorf, Germany, is a temple of a store. Not so much in that it evokes feelings of devoutness but in its monumental proportions. Read more...

R.S.V.P. Berlin (Germany)

Tucked away in a little street off Berlin's Rosenthaler Strasse, RSVP is what one may call a stationery boutique. It is nestled in the less shiny part of the German metropolis - there are no grand architectural gestures here... Read more

Tackle and Books, Tobermory  (Scotland, UK)

It is only appropriate that stationery, office supplies and art materials will happily coexist with fishing tackle in Tackle & Books of Tobermory. Tobermory is the main town of the Isle of Mull, the second largest isle of the Inner ... - Read more

Papeterie in the Alps, Morzine (France)

The Passaquin Papeterie in Morzine, a ski resort close to the French Swiss border, is a stationery shop and bookshop in one and the wooden sign at the front tempts the inkthusiast with an image of an ink bottle and paint ...Read more

Brachard Papeterie and Pen Shop, Geneva (Switzerland)

Stationery Store Series: Brachard Papeterie and Pen Shop, Geneva. An impressive light fixture akin to a large sculptural exotic flower or fruit suspended from the coffered ceiling welcomes the punter who crosses the threshold ...Read more

Hennig of Dusseldorf (Germany)

If pen and stationery enthusiasts are expecting to encounter their objects of desire surrounded by interior design awesomeness, they may be disappointed. Hennig, Dusseldorf's prime stationery store, is not given to fancy ...Read more

Evripidis in Athens (Greece)

One does not expect to come face to face with a Mont Blanc fountain pen peering proudly from within a glass display cabinet in a stationery store in Chalandri of all places. Chalandri is one of Athens' northern suburbs. - Read more

Pen to Paper, Brighton (UK)

When the Lanes were being built in the late 18th century, Brighthelmston had already put its fishing village past behind it and had achieved a reputation as a health resort. The medicinal ... Read more

At a time when small independent shops are crushed by market competition from large chains which are able to offer cheaper goods, Palimpsest was very pleased to see that two years on Pen to Paper (reviewed in 2010) is ... - Read more

P.W. Akerman, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

The pen and stationery shop of P.W.Akkerman (since 1927) in the centre of Amsterdam is the apex of European refinement. Its pen-ware reclines gracefully behind tall, illuminated glass cabinets: Mont Blanc, Sheaffer, Parker, ... Read more

Katsikas in Athens (Greece)

The stationery store of Mr Katsikas calls itself a bookshop and toy store too. It is very spacious. The walls are totally concealed by shelving. Stacks upon stacks, rows upon rows of unidentified books, notebooks, folders, paper, ... Read more

Paperchase, London (UK)

Paperchase is a big stationery store chain with its own range of notebooks, journals, address books, diaries, pens, pencils, folders and much more. Its three-floor flagship store in Tottenham Court Road, central London, is not ... Read more

Smythson of Bond Street, London (UK)

Dare you enter? It feels like overstepping some invisible but ever-present class barrier of the old Empire – like soiling the rarefied air of an elite residence, depositing ...Read more

The Print Gallery, Notting Hill, London (UK)

Aladdin's Cave is not a tidy place. It is cavernous (like a cave), it is cluttered with treasures, it is dimly illuminated by oil lamps or by a ray of sunshine that barely manages to reach its ... Read more

Ryman, London (UK)

Ryman is the UK's largest stationery retailer, founded in 1893 by Henry J Ryman who opened his first stationery shop in London's Great Portland Street. Since then Ryman has been supplying the nation with pens and paper ... Read more

Dymocks, Sydney (Australia)

To land in a new land and not seek out the stationery is unheard of for a certain category of people. And thus, sightseeing in Sydney had to include a visit to Dymocks... Read more

Quill of London

Quil is a quiet, understated little shop in Angel, north London... Read more

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